Advantages of Using Google Play Store

The Google Play store is one of the most astonishing Application Program Interface (API) package software on Android devices. This API allows users to download other applications and services of android devices. This API is very easy to practice and provides a user friendly interface for interaction. Google play store is used by all Google applications and have system-level powers to provide multiple internal features. Anybody with basic knowledge of using android devices can download games, chat applications, shopping apps, E-paper apps and many more from Google play store just by selecting the application and clicking the “install” button on the interface. Various advantages of using Google Play Store are listed below.

1. No Malware/Virus: Downloading apps from Google play is virus or malware safe. The Google perform a two tier security check on all apps in Play store once every week. This activity assures that users will not receive any malware or virus while using Google play to download apps.

2. Reviews and alternatives: User can check reviews, number of download and consumer ratings of particular app they choose to download from Google Play Store. It also provides you with the available alternative apps for any app that user select to download. User can also view the snapshots and features of all apps on Play store. These features are not available if user download app from unknown sources.


3. Freedom for app developers: The Google Play offers great opportunities for the app developers to submit their app more conveniently and with less tedious rules. The Google Play rules for publishing apps online are very simple and affordable.

4. User friendly interface: The user interface provided by Google Play store is quite simple. For more ease of use, the interface has categorized the apps according to their theme into Social apps, Game apps, Media and video apps, communication apps, weather apps, finance apps and many more. It also suggest user with top running apps and lower price apps.

5. Cloud based nature: The Google Play Store users can take advantage of cloud based content management system. In this type of system all user content is stored in the cloud (i.e. another computer called as server). A user can rent a movie, upload and buy music and purchase books on one device and can access it on any other desktop computer. For this purpose user only needs to have a Gmail account and login to the android device with that Gmail id.

6. Automatic updates: The updates to any installed application are automatically installed on the device. Updates to Google Play services are routinely distributed by Google Play store and new versions of the client library are distributed through the android SDK manager.

7. Google Play Services and Runtime permissions: With advancement in android versions, new permission model is introduced that modernizes the app install and auto-update process. The permissions are requested at runtime instead of before app installation. To add more flexibility the users can now select to deny specific permissions. To update the apps using Google Play services to handle Android permissions, it is advised to manage the user’s expectations in setting permissions that the runtime may require.