Benefits of Using Google Play Store

Being one of the biggest App stores with the largest collection of Apps, Ebooks and Magazines in various niches, there are various benefits of using Google Play Store on your Android devices. For more information click here.

A lot of Goodies for Free

One of the primary benefits of google play store is the availability of various free Apps on the store, as you can browse and download any types of Apps depending on your interest, free of charge, it gives you alot of opportunities to explore new trends and ideas.Even-though not all apps in google play store are completely free, as there are apps and games where you need to pay money to enjoy the full features of that particular App or game. There is also another section that is completely dedicated to the paid version of the Android apps, but nowadays it seems that the partly-free (which require you to pay to utilize its full features) Apps are gaining more popularity than the actual paid ones.


Renting Movies

In addition to purchasing movies on play store, the Google play store also provides you the ability to rent a movie for a particular period of time. The renting quality is divided into two definitions, just like the purchasing quality, the High Definition (HD) and the Standard Definition (SD). The Standard Definition is more affordable, or in other words cheaper, than the High Definition in terms of renting or purchasing the movie.

Collection of Books

The another benefit of using Google play store is the Books section where enormous amount of books are presented in both free and paid sub-sections. The free section already has a large collection base to browse through the various types of books that are made free especially in the Google Play store despite their actual cost, or if you are still interested in a particular paid book, you are provided with the “Free Sample” feature to read a sample of the book to analyze its contents before actually purchasing it from the play store.


This section of Google store is where the magazines are organized, here you could find all your favourite magazines in both the free and the paid sections accordingly.


This is another feature of the Google Play store where, any user can Wish-list his/her Apps, Books, magazines and devices, for future reference.

Reviews and Rating system

Another key feature of the Google Play store is its Review and Rating system, where anyone who has installed the app, or used the book/magazine can place a review and present a rating according to their own will. This helps you to analyse the overall rating for the App and helps you to decide whether if it’s worth your time.

Google Play store also displays the number of downloads an app has received, to indicate its popularity among its users

Security and Vulnerability

Every Application in the Google Play store is regularly scanned and monitored for any vulnerabilities that may cause harm to your android device. Thus preventing you from any malicious attacks and providing you a safe environment for you to browse on.

Gifting Card

Another refreshing feature of the Google Play Store is the Gift Card system where you could purchase a Gift Card and send it to anyone which allows them to Redeem the Gift Card while purchasing and of the Application on Google Play.