Google Play Gift Cards vs. Itunes Store Gift Cards

Due to the advancement of the internet technology, entertainment has remodeled and has perfectly streamlined with internet technology. For example: you can stream music online, you can download albums and you can share music across different platforms. Ever heard about Google Play Gift Cards? If no, continue reading further!


As a result of that demand, Apple Inc introduced the iTunes Store which is an online based medium that allows individuals to purchase their favorite entertainment choices, be it songs, music albums, movies or books with the click of a button from their device.

With software advancements of the iTunes Store, iTunes Gift Cards were introduced in a bid to improve on user experience while using Apple products. If you are wondering what that is, well, the iTunes Gift Cards are an online channel that allow you to purchase songs, favorite films, TV programs, applications, online games and books by using a credited gift card that you feed the code into your iTunes account.

Have you ever wondered what would be the “perfect” gift that you could give? If yes, then that would no longer a problem because the iTunes Gift Cards give you an option to send entertainment gifts.

Personalisation of gifts: Not only do you send gifts. With this option, whether you are having a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other occasion, you can be in a position to send a personalized gift from your device. In addition to that, you can be able to add themes to the gift that you are sending.

This is the ultimate and complete gift that Apple Inc could hand to you! Once you have personalised the gift and sent it, the individual who receives it can be in a position to redeem the gift for an Apple Inc product that they prefer. For example, they could redeem the gift so as to purchase any Apple Inc product such as an iPad or an IPhone.

If you have the gift card, you can be able to redeem it so as to purchase any product of your choice.

After selecting the product that you are interested with, you can be able to pay for it/them using the following payment options: iTunes Gift Cards, Credit Cards and PayPal.
The way people deliver gifts to their loved ones and friends has not only changed drastically over time, but it has also become very easy and fast. The electronic gift vouchers do not only give the recipient the freedom to choose how they want to spend the cash allocated through the card, but they also get to have the newest available gifts on the market. Being electronic products, these cards can be purchased, received or used anywhere on earth so long as there is an internet connection available.

The Google Play gift card basically makes use of Google Play, which is a large store for various apps that attract several subscribers who use android gadgets. Since android gargets sell most in the world, it makes more and more people visit the Google Play store. This makes a Google Play gift card one of the most popular. Once you get the gift, you can go to Google Play and purchase any item that you choose. It might not necessarily be a book. It can be anything from a game, in-game item or movie. This gives the recipient of the gift great freedom of choice. It is almost like choosing what kind of gift you want from your friends and relatives; a choice that was never there before.

On the other hand, a PSN card is an electronic product that can be bought anywhere and sent to any destination across the globe so longs as there is internet connection at the point of sending and receiving. It enables the recipient to buy any content found in the Play Station store. This includes games, HD movies and add-ons. Gift cards are definitely the easiest and fastest way of buying and delivering gifts to the ones we love.