Google Play Store vs. iTunes Store, what suits you best?

No matter the kind of device you are currently using, you have to agree that an app store is an essential part of the device you cannot do without. Google Play Store and iTunes Store are the two largest and leading media stores in the world. Each of the app stores is compatible with certain devices. Google Play works on Android devices while iTunes Store is supported by iOS devices only. So, what determines the app store you use, is the operating system of your devices. The two app stores are good each in their way. To know what store suits you well. You have to consider some factors:

1. Platform

Google Play Store is available on Android devices. However, not all Android devices have access to Google Play Store as they are set to use their manufactures’ content distribution service. Unlike iTunes, Google Play has some independent services’ applications like Google Play Music, Google Play Books, and Google Play Newsstand among others.


iTunes, on the other hand, works on all iOS devices as well as MAC and Windows computers.

2. Accessibility

Accessing Google Play is much easier. You don’t necessarily need to have the app or download it to access it. When making purchases in Google Play Store, there are no much-complicated procedures required. It also provides a lot of free content.

For iTunes, you have to download the app to access the store. Free content in iTunes Store is limited, and you can hardly get free valuable content.

3. Content sold

Apart from selling apps, both Google Play Store, and iTunes Store sell music, TV shows, and movies. Google Play sells other unique content apart from those it shares with iTunes. They include e-Books, subscriptions to magazines, web feeds, and server-generated topical feeds, among other content.

iTunes has its unique products as well which includes the sale of audiobooks, podcast, and music videos.

4. Quantity

Both Google Play and iTunes are comparable by the contents they sell. Regarding apps, both stores are in the same range. However, iTunes, surpasses Google play in the music, movies, and TV shows category.

The storage capacity of the two media stores is different and incomparable. iTunes has over 20,000 audiobooks and a million plus in podcast.

For the case of Google Play, it has the largest eBook store containing over 5 million titles and plays. Google Newsstand has around 1,900 paid and free publications available.

5. Content Price.

At Google Play Store, the fact that free content is mostly available dictates that the prices of their content are very low. Music, for example, ranges from $0.29 to $0.69 and not forgetting free.

In the case of iTunes, no free content available. The lowest costing music is around $0.71.

Choosing what app store between iTunes and Google Play Store suits you best, comes down to the services you require, your point of access and partly, the cost. If you need an app store for eBooks, settle for Google Play. On the other hand, go for iTunes if your interests are in music and TV shows.