How I got $150 iTunes gift card for free

This article was written by Steven, who send his story to us:

Hello guys, my name is Steven Jacobsen, currently I live in San Diego and I enjoy my life very much. Today I want to share with you a story on how i got $150 iTunes Gift card code for free. So first I have to say that I‘m an apple user for a while, and i love my iphone and mac book pro. It‘s very easy to use. Before that I was Android and Win user.

So everybody know that iTunes store has lot of good stuff on it. But sadly best apps are paid, music and movies are also paid. So for a teenager it is not so easy to get premium apps. So I started to search ways and ideas how to get itunes gift cards for free. After a long research I managed to find few websites where you can use their online generator, that provides you a working code, which can be used on iTunes store.

Generator works very easy: just open it, insert your valid email, ant click „generate“. After few minutes you will get a working code. Don‘t forget to use it instantly, because it may become not valid.

So I have already generated more thant 30 gift cards for myself and my family members and friends. I enjoy using this hack tool, because it gives me more possibilities to get quality apps on iTunes store. I do not recommend to over use it, because it may have daily limit, so if you take too much codes in one day, other people may not get their codes. Sharing is caring so be wise.

Applicatons that are premium on Itunes store usually has more functions and possibilities, others do not show anoying ads. Most of the songs are also paid, so using codes you can get any songs you want.