How to get Free Google Play Codes?

Many people wonder: is it possible to get Google Play store gift card codes for free? There are numerous myths around generator tools that can be found online. Many code generators are fake and scam, they don‘t work. So how to understand which tools are legit, which are fraud? In this article we are going to explain basic principles chosing the best generator online to get free codes that work and are usable. More information: .

free-google-play-codesFirst of all pay attention to the credibility signals of the website:

  • Does it has normal number of social shares?
  • Does the website and generator desgin looks professional?
  • Can you find other people testimonials and comments?
  • Is the website using SSL certiface (check if the website URL starts with https)?

Our coders has been developing codes generator algorithm more than one year. And finally after long development process, which had lot of ups and downs, we released best generator tool version in the market.

Every single day we generate more than few thousand codes, so our server is little bit overloaded, but we do our best and right now we are using powerful Amazon CDN server, which makes our tool to work very fast and without errors.

Google Play store uses very difficult gift card codes algorithm, so it was not so easy to hack it. But we managed to overcome all difficulties and we found a loophole in their system, that helps to generate working codes.

Try our tool right now, it is totally free to use. No surveys, no fake results.

We try to update it every week to match constantly changing algorithm of Google Play Store. Also we have one of the best support team, which will help you if you have any questions and difficulties to generate the code.

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