How to transfer pictures from ipad to pc, ipad photo transfer

itunes-transferDo you want to transfer photo to PC from iPad? You may have many ways to do this, but I still want to look for the best for you. The iPad Photo Transfer which is an assistant for iPad users to transfer photo to computer from iPad fast and easily. When you want to copy the photo on your iPad to computer for backup or share with others, this transfer photo to PC from iPad is the best choice for you.

The most important reason I recommend this iPad photo transfer to you is that it is a integrated iPad transfer tool, which means that you can not only transfer photo to PC from iPad, but also transfer all the iPad video and audio files. This transfer can help you backup all the iPad files like video, music, photo to your local as well as transfer the media files on your local to the iPad[automatically converting if not supported]. If you have your favorite photos stored in your iPad and want to transfer it to your PC, then here is how to transfer pictures from ipad to pc. How to transfer pictures from iPad to PC

Just follow the steps given below to move your iPad photos to your computer.

1. Free download and run the software.

2. Connect your iPad with your PC.

3. In the Device list select ” Photos ” under iPad.

4. Then select the “iPad to PC” to backup your iPad pictures to your computer.Tips: Right click you selected picture, you can delete them from your iPad directly.Main Functions

The iPad Photo Transfer enables you to transfer videos, music and images from iPad to your PC for backup.

It can help you copy files (video, audio, image) from computer to your iPad for you to enjoy.

It provides you with the solution to convert and transfer DVDs, videos, audios to iPad.

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