Playstation Network Gift Card $50

Gift Card Codes is the best way how to get anything for free. Want to make a Playstation Store purchase without using your credit card? Well, the Playstation Network $50 Card can be an easy and convenient option. They can be purchased from almost all retail stores across the United States and Canada, but also can be found in many other countries around the world.

Abbreviated as PSN Cards, these cards can only be redeemed on the Playstation Network. They recharge the Playstation wallet with the full face value of the card i.e. $50. This amount can be used to purchase all services featured in the Playstation Store i.e. exclusive games, add-on to the existing games. TV shows and movies. These cards are valid for the PS3/PS4 systems and PSP Portable systems.

However, it should be noted that the card only works with a Master Account having a United States address.

Although the maximum amount a user can have in its master account is set at $350, there is no limit on the number of times a user can recharge its account with the card until the wallet balance exceeds $350. There is absolutely no rule for using the wallet balance within a certain time period. The amount stays unaffected as long as the user doesn’t use it. However, funds in the Playstation Store wallet are not refundable and transferable to other users. That means, items purchased can only be used with that Sony Entertainment Network account which made the transaction. Neither the wallet balance nor the contents can be transferred from one account to another, not even within master accounts.

Each PSN card has a voucher code. Depending upon the card type, the user may have limited access to few contents of the store. A voucher may also award the user with an extra feature along with the bundled pack as a promotional offer. Each voucher code can be used only once. So revealing the code from the card to others might be a bad idea. The voucher code of a Playstation Network $50 Card can be entered in the Redeem Code section, on the right hand side of the Playstation Store menu to continue adding content on your Playstation3 or PS4 console. Playstation Store $20 Gift Card Codes – No Credit CardPlaystation Store $10 Gift Card – Ideal Gift For Gamers